Financial Assistance


Full-time graduate students have three competitive options for financial assistance through the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Part-time students are not eligible for financial assistance at this time. Students desiring financial assistance are encouraged to apply to our graduate program as early as possible.

The Jonsson School Graduate Study Scholarship is a $1,000, merit-based scholarship awarded to incoming graduate students during the fall semester. All students entering MS or PhD studies in Mechanical Engineering are eligible to apply. The Jonsson School Graduate Study Scholarship Application can be found on the Jonsson School Scholarship page.

Teaching Assistants (TAs) are selected and supported by the Department of Mechanical Engineering based on students’ academic merit and prior research experience. After admission, students may be considered by the department’s selection committee for teaching assistantships by submitting a TA application. TA applications can be completed online, or through the electronic application, and must be submitted to the Department of Mechanical Engineering office.

Research Assistants (RAs) are supported by individual mechanical engineering faculty through faculty members’ research grants. Prospective students may contact faculty members directly to discuss their research interests and possible RA support. After admission, student files are circulated to faculty for funding consideration.

Funding opportunities are competitive, merit-based and can range from a small stipend to a full assistantship with tuition assistance depending upon available funding. Students who intend to seek funding should apply for admission as a doctoral track student to be considered for University funding, as funding is limited for master’s students. Funding is always dependent upon budgets from year to year, is not guaranteed, and is also contingent upon adequate progression in coursework and academic standing as well as satisfactory performance of all job responsibilities and requirements. Funded students must abide by all pertinent UT Dallas policies and procedures including academic integrity.