Undergraduate Research in ME

With more than 170 projects being conducted by mechanical engineering faculty at UT Dallas, there are a wide variety of opportunities for students to conduct research as an undergraduate, which will help shape their future career plans, either in graduate study or professional engineering.

In order to pursue undergraduate engineering in MECH, please complete the following steps.

Review this list of available projects:

Note: This list is organized by project name, but using the find/search function with keywords will help guide you to a project that more closely matches your interests.

Determine how you would like to participate (see flowchart for appropriate steps):

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply?

As soon as possible. Students seeking to do research for class credit must follow university registration deadlines.

Who can apply?

All MECH students can apply, but be sure to check the qualifications on each project plan to make sure you meet the criteria, and the project meets your desired participation (class credit, pay, volunteer)

How many projects can I apply for?

Students can apply for up to 3 projects a semester.

Can I accept more than one project offer?

Students cannot accept more than one project offer at a time.

Is the acceptance of a research project offer binding?

Yes! If you accept an offer, you are expected to honor your commitment to your research project team.

When will project offers be made to students?

Offers are on a rolling basis, and are dependent on whether they are for credit (would need to be made before the registration deadlines)

What’s the deadline to accept or decline a project offer?

If you are looking to accept a project for class credit, it must be done registration deadlines.

Where can I find information about enrolling for credit?

The student is required to consult their academic advisor to determine how the credit will be applied towards their degree. Students should be prepared with an updated plan-of-study that incorporates the research course. To properly register for the research course, the student should complete the steps outlined below.

Process Summary for students completing research for credit (must be completed by the second Friday of the semester):

  • Contact faculty member via email to request a meeting to discuss research opportunities
  • During the meeting with the faculty, discuss the following: type of research/project, time commitment, expectations, etc.
    • Complete the Undergraduate Research Packet with the instructor. It is important to complete the form, including program plan, so that students understand the commitment, expectations, and how they will ultimately be graded for their work.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss how research will be applied toward your degree and bring the following three things with you:
  • Packet to be forwarded to Jennifer Klunk, UG Program Admin, to obtain Associate Department Head approval. It will then be sent back, with a copy to your academic advisor.