Materials Science & Engineering

Alumnus’ Design of Powered Prosthetic Leg Aims To Give Amputees More Control

Dr. Toby Elery led the improved design of a novel robotic prosthetic leg that produces better shock absorption and reduced pain for users.

Jonsson School COVID-19 Response

Jonsson School students, alumni and faculty have created several innovations during the fight against COVID-19, including PPE production and rapid diagnostic testing.

Environmental Research Group Profiles Doctoral Student

Yajat Pandya hopes his work will help minimize the effects of oil spills and marine pollution.

Wind Energy Questions and Answers With Dr. Mario Rotea

Rotea's work was highlighted by the University Office of Research.

New Solar Car Racing Team Driven To Shine Light on Alternative Power Source

Students are building a vehicle over the next two years to compete in cross-country races and show the viability of alternative fuel-based transportation.

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Mechanical engineering at The University of Texas at Dallas focuses on problems of global significance and is consistently one of the top choices for UT Dallas students. Currently, more than 1,100 students are enrolled in the bachelor’s degree program, and over 170 are at the master’s and doctoral level. Led by faculty members with industry experience and innovative research programs, our graduates are prepared for careers in various fields, including energy, medicine, defense, aerospace, automotive, electronics, food processing and nano/micro–manufacturing.

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