Yue Zhou

Yue Zhou

[email protected]
Office: ECSW 4.355B
800 West Campbell Rd.
Richardson, TX 75080-3021

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Assistant Professor


Postdoc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017
PhD, the Pennsylvania State University, 2015
MS, Nanjing University, 2011
BS, Nanjing University, 2008

Research Interests

Energy storage, Energy conversion, Advanced manufacturing, Electronic materials and devices

Five Most Recent Journal Publications, Book Chapters, and Books

  • W. He, K. Chen, R. Pathak, M. Hummel, B.S. Lamsal, Z. Gu, P. Kharel, J.J. Wu, and Y. Zhou, “Achieving High Pseudocapacitance Anode by An In Situ Nanocrystallization Strategy for Ultrastable Sodium-Ion Batteries”, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 13, 22577 (2021).
  • R. Pathak, K. Chen, A. Gurung, K. M. Reza, B. Bahrami, J. Pokharel, A. Baniya, W. He, F. Wu, Y. Zhou, Q. Qiao*, K. Xu*, “Fluorinated Hybrid Solid Interface for Dendrite-Free Lithium Deposition”, Nature Communications, 11, 1 (2020).
  • K. Chen, R. Pathak, A. Gurung, K. M. Reza, N. Ghimire, J. Pokharel, A. Baniya, W. He, J. J. Wu, Q. Qiao, and Y. Zhou, “Copper-clad Lithiophilic Current Collector for Dendrite-Free Lithium Metal Anode”, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 8, 1911 (2020).
  • K. Chen, R. Pathak, A. Gurung, E. Adhamash, B. Bahrami, Q. He, A. Smirnova, J. J. Wu, Q. Qiao* and Y. Zhou, “Flower-Shaped Lithium Nitride as a Protective Layer via Facile Plasma Activation for Stable Lithium Metal Anodes”, Energy Storage Materials, 18, 389 (2019).
  • Y. Zhou, X. Wang, L. Acauan, E. Kalfon‐Cohen, X. Ni, Y. Stein, K. K. Gleason, B. L. Wardle, “Ultrahigh‐Areal‐Capacitance Flexible Supercapacitor Electrodes Enabled by Conformal P3MT on Horizontally Aligned Carbon‐Nanotube Arrays”, Advanced Materials, 1901916 (2019).

Major Honors and Awards

  • 2022 ONR Young Investigator Award
  • 2022 NSF Faculty Early Career Award
  • 2022 NSF EPSCoR Research Fellow
  • 2022 Berg Young Faculty Award
  • 2020 Errol P. EerNisse Faculty Endowment Award
  • 2015 Melvin P. Bloom Memorial Outstanding Doctoral Research Award