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Monday, May 2, 2011
10:30 a.m., ECSS 3.503

(Osborne Conference Room)







 me seminar

“Structural Properties of Complex Interconnected Systems”
Dr. Nader Motee, California Institute of Technology

The advent of complex interconnected systems has caused several longstanding open mathematical problems to become pertinent practical problems as well. This includes the design of the smart grid, control of multi-vehicle formations and many of the technologies increasingly referred to as cyber-physical-systems. We will discuss the fundamental underlying unifying issues that arise in the control of these systems. A theoretical methodology for modular distributed control system design will be discussed. The locality features of large-scale optimal control and optimization problems will also be presented, and the results will be illustrated through applications to models of power grid and networks of autonomous vehicles. Some of the theoretical underpinnings of principles to design robust distributed control systems will also be discussed via integration of concepts from biology and control theory.

Nader Motee is a postdoctoral scholar in the Control and Dynamical Systems Department at Caltech. He received a PhD in electrical and systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 2007. His research interests include the theoretical foundation of distributed control systems and optimization with applications to power grids, networks of autonomous vehicles and biological systems. He received the American Automatic Control Council’s 2008 O. Hugo Schuck Award for Theory, the 2007 American Control Conference’s Best Student Paper Award and the 2008 Joseph and Rosaline Wolf Award for Best PhD Dissertation.