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Friday, May 11, 11 a.m.
ECSS 3.503

(Osborne Conference Room)







 me seminar

“High-order Method for Mesoscale Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Multi-phase Flows”
Taehun Lee, Department of Mechanical Engineering
City College of City University of New York

The Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM) is a mesoscale approach, which can accommodate coarse-grained, molecular-level information into the macroscopic description of complex interfacial phenomena. This is achieved by introducing a phase field function into a single-phase Lattice Boltzmann formulation to distinguish between phases (i.e. liquid/vapor, liquid/liquid), together with a phenomenological free energy functional of the solid-liquid-vapor system whose dissipative minimization constrains the temporal evolution of the phase field.  We have recently proposed a high-order Galerkin/Discontinuous Galerkin LBM. In these computational frameworks, Lattice Boltzmann equation is regarded as a special space-time discretization of the discrete Boltzmann equation in the characteristic direction, and is solved by higher-order accurate schemes on unstructured mesh. In this presentation, a brief introduction to the temporal and spatial discretizations of the discrete Boltzmann equation will be given. Applications of the high-order LBM will be discussed in the simulations of single- and two-phase flows for microfluidic and nuclear problems. Current efforts to apply the high-order LBM to liquid-vapor phase-change heat transfer and particle-laden drop impact will be briefly described.

Dr. Lee is an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the City University of New York (CUNY). He is a core faculty member of the CUNY Energy Institute and a guest faculty of the Mathematics and Computer Science Division at the Argonne National Laboratory. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from the Seoul National University, and Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Iowa. Dr. Lee is the recipient of the 2005 J.H. Wilkinson Fellowship in Scientific Computing from Argonne and the 2009 Faculty Development Grant from NRC. His research expertise is in the areas of multiphase/multiscale computational fluid dynamics and high-order methods for the lattice Boltzmann equation. His research program has been funded by ACS, DOE, NASA, NRC, and NSF.