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Larry J. Hornbeck

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 972-883-4628
Office: WSTC 1.206
800 West Campbell Road
Mailstop: WT-10
Richardson, TX 75080-3021








Larry J. Hornbeck


PhD Physics, Case Western Reserve University, 1974.
MS Physics, Case Western Reserve University, 1968.
BS Physics, Case Western Reserve University, 1965.

Five Most Recent Journal Publications, Book Chapters, and Books

  • L.J. Hornbeck, "Deformable-Mirror Spatial Light Modulators (Invited)," Spatial Light Modulators and Applications III, SPIE Critical Reviews, Vol. 1150, pp. 86-102 (August 1989).
  • L.J. Hornbeck, "Current Status of the Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) for Projection Television Applications (Invited)," IEEE International Electron Devices Technical Digest, pp. 381-384 (1993).
  • L.J. Hornbeck, "Digital Light Processing for High-Brightness, High-Resolution Applications," Proc. SPIE, Vol. 3013, Projection Displays III, pp. 27-40 (1997).
  • L.J. Hornbeck, "From Cathode Rays to Digital Micromirrors: A History of Electronic Projection Display Technology," Texas Instruments Technical Journal, Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 7-46, July-Sept. 1998.
  • L.J. Hornbeck, "A Digital Light Processing Update Status and Future Applications (Invited)," Proc. SPIE, Vol. 3634, Projection Displays V, pp. 158-170 (1999).

Major Honors and Awards

  • Academy Award of Merit (an Oscar statuette) from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences 2015.
  • Named to EE Times Hall of Fame Forty visionaries who defined our world in the last forty years 2012.
  • Inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for his invention of the DMD microchip 2009.
  • Daniel E. Noble Award from the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 2004.