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Windfarm Imaging

New Control Strategy Helps Reap Maximum Power From Wind Farms
Researchers from The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) developed a new way to extract more power from the wind. The approach has the potential to increase wind power generation by 6-7% with a consequent increase in revenue. read more

Farid Tajaddodianfar

Mechanical Engineering Group Wins Best Paper Award
A team of researchers in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science recently won best paper award at the IEEE Green Technologies Conference. read more

Team's Bioinspired Slick Method Improves Water Harvesting
By learning how water is collected by living organisms, including rice leaves and pitcher plants, UT Dallas researchers created and tested a combination of materials that can do the same thing, but faster. read more


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Faculty positions in Mechanical Engineering

Several positions are available, providing successful candidates with a unique opportunity to shape the department.

Graduate Financial Assistance

Fast Track Program

Machine Shop
The machine shop offers services to all
UT Dallas students and is well equipped to build a variety of components for students projects

Current mechanical engineering-related facilities include the seven teaching labs on the first floor of the North Engineering and Computer Science (ECSN) building, and the machine shop near the Administration Building.