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New Wind Tunnel Generates Energetic Possibilities
The University unveiled the Boundary Layer and Subsonic Tunnel that could potentially impact a wide range of areas — from science and industry to student research. read more

Professor's Work Empowers Amputees to Walk More Naturally

Professor's Work Empowers Amputees to Walk More Naturally
Dr. Robert Gregg’s powered knee-ankle prosthesis is synchronized to the motion of the user in real time, producing a unified gait cycle that allows above-knee amputees to walk naturally. read more

Windfarm Imaging

New Control Strategy Helps Reap Maximum Power From Wind Farms
Researchers from The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) developed a new way to extract more power from the wind. read more


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Faculty positions in Mechanical Engineering

Several positions are available, providing successful candidates with a unique opportunity to shape the department.

Graduate Financial Assistance

Fast Track Program

Machine Shop
The machine shop offers services to all
UT Dallas students and is well equipped to build a variety of components for students projects

Current mechanical engineering-related facilities include the seven teaching labs on the first floor of the North Engineering and Computer Science (ECSN) building, and the machine shop near the Administration Building.